Given the offseason the New England Patriots had after going 14-2 and winning Super Bowl LI last year, it was only a matter of time before we started to hear about the possibility of them going undefeated.

Back in March, Greg Jennings said it was a possibility, via Nick Schwartz of Fox Sports. A month ago,’s Mike Reiss noted NFL analysts Jeff Saturday and Louis Riddick also believe it could happen.

“I know the front four was better [in ’07],” Riddick said, “but the secondary on this team is legit. The wide receiver corps is legit. The tight ends, now with Dwayne Allen and if Gronk can stay healthy, is legit. They’re stacked at running back. The offensive line is developing depth. This team, on paper, oooh boy.”

This chatter will likely continue through the summer, as the Patriots are loaded on both sides of the ball. They attacked the offseason with fervor, adding proven veterans on both offense and defense and stockpiling tailbacks like a squirrel stockpiles acorns.

Even so, it’s far too early to start counting chickens. Especially the 700-pounder that is a perfect season.

To do that, the Patriots would have to win a rematch of Super Bowl LI with the Falcons. They’d also have beat the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers—all on the road.

The Pats are a great team. They’re the runaway favorites in the AFC. But even that 2007 New England team came up short of a 19-0 season, losing to the upstart New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

Greatness is hard. Perfection is nearly impossible.

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