The Houston Rockets have agreed to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal with Isaiah Canaan. Canaan was waived by the Oklahoma City Thunder before the start of the season. Canaan was drafted by the Rockets in 2013 and was eventually traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.

76ers rookie PG Markelle Fultz is dealing with a shoulder injury, and his agent has provided different stories on how it has been treated. On Tuesday, the agent for the first overall pick in the 2017 NBAdraft, who said it isn’t clear whether Fultz will need to miss games in order to fully recover from the shoulder ailment. Sources said: “Markelle had a shoulder injury and fluid drained out of the back of his shoulder. He literally cannot raise up his arms to shoot the basketball. He decided to try and fight through the pain to help the team. He has a great attitude. We are committed to finding a solution to get Markelle back to 100 percent.” Later the statemend was changed: “He had a cortisone shot on Oct. 5, which means fluid was put into his shoulder, not taken out. My intention earlier was to let people know that he’s been experiencing discomfort. We will continue to work with (Sixers general manager) Bryan Colangelo and the medical staff”. This is another setback for Fultz, who suffered a knee injury during the preseason after suffering one during his lone collegiate season with the Washington Huskies. Fultz has averaged 6.0 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists across four games so far in his rookie campaign. The 76ers will likely turn toward the combination of T.J. McConnell and Jerryd Bayless at point guard until Fultz is ready to return. While Fultz is important this season, his long-term availability is far more significant for a franchise that has its eye on the future. Expect the 76ers to exercise a level of caution before they bring their rookie guard back into the rotation.

Pelicans star forward Anthony Davis suffered a knee injury during Tuesday’s game against the Blazers. Davis was ruled out for the remainder of the contest with the left knee injury. Davis would undergo an MRI in Portland to determine the severity of the injury after the big man bumped knees with Trail Blazers center Moe Harkless. After the game, Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry told reporters the MRI results were negative, but the team would know more soon. Losing Davis long-term would certainly be a major blow to the Pelicans. Few players are more talented on both ends of the court, and while the superstar was healthier last year than in seasons past, coming into the 2016-17 campaign, he had never played more than 68 games, it’s still concerning that Davis consistently deals with injuries. Nonetheless, Davis continues his ascent to elite status, averaging 31.7 points, 16.7 rebounds and 1.7 blocks a night in the first three games. The ‘Brow remains one of the NBA’s most dominant young stars, and it’s hard to imagine the Pelicans making a playoff run this season if he’s unable to stay healthy.

With his Wizards set to face Lonzo Ball’s  Lakers on Wednesday, Washington head coach Scott Brooks was complimentary of the rookie’s famous father. Brooks looked past the controversy and outlandish statements from the elder Ball and instead saw a proud father: “My father left me at two. I would love to have my father around like [LaVar] is around and talk to him and pump me up with confidence. To me, that’s every son’s dream. And for some reason he gets criticized”. For Wall’s part, he was complimentary of the rookie on the Wizards Tipoff podcast while acknowledging his father is the talkative one in the family: “I think his dad put him in a situation where guys are going to target him. Lonzo is one of those kids that is very talented. He’s been a good player for years, he just don’t say much. I think his dad does all the talking for him”. Ball has impressed with 13.3 points, 9.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game through his first three NBA contests, but his father provoking Wall could spell trouble Wednesday. The Wizards’ leader is a four-time All-Star and one of the best point guards in the league and figures to have the one-on-one advantage at this stage of their respective careers.

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