On August 26th 2017 its going to be hell rising up in Las Vegas because two proven champions, Mayweather and McGregor are going to give us the show of the year. Yes, it’s about the money, but still, the spectacle that awaits us is too much to pass on. On Tuesday night, there was an opening Mayweather – McGregor presser.

Here’s just a tip of what the fighters exchanged: “If you want 8 ounce gloves, let’s put 8 ounce gloves on,” shouted the boxer. “If you want 4 ounce gloves, let’s put 4 ounce gloves on.” The technical fault didn’t stop McGregor’ to respond, “Give me 4 ounce gloves then”.

Practice says that the bigger the gloves, the smaller the chance that McGregor can do real damage. It’s not that he can’t box with them but because most believe that his greatest advantage in the fight is going to be the power in his strikes and heavier gloves mean a significant decrease of chance for landing concussive blows.

Mayweather denied the gloves issue with the following: “The thing is this, rules are made not to be broken. We have to follow rules, rules and regulations. [In] Nevada, you can’t fight at 154[lbs] and wear 8 ounce gloves. You can fight at 147[lbs], all the way down, it’s 8 ounce gloves, 154 [and] up, it’s 10 ounce gloves. But if he wants to fight 8 ounce, I can talk to the Nevada Commission and see what we can come up with. I don’t worry. I mean, I’m not trippin”.

Further in the Q&A series, ‘The Notorious’ one claimed the contract dictates that he cannot wear gloves that are normally favoured by big punchers, manufactured in Mexico or gloves padded with horsehair. However, the difference between 8 and 10 ounces isn’t so significant nor, in reality, is the fact that McGregor will be barred from wearing a typical ‘puncher’s glove’. As long as this is held under boxing rules, Mayweather is more likely to be the winner.

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